Parental Controls setup for Laptops, Desktops and All-in-One computers.  Help your children stay safe in their digital world by setting up parental controls on devices they are using.

If you’re wondering how to setup parental controls for your children look no further.  Our computer technicians will help you setup parental controls tailored to your requirements.  We’ll demonstrate how to block access to specific websites and types of content.  We’ll also show you how you can limit the amount of screen time your child has so you can balance the amount of time your child or children spend on their devices compared to traditional activities for children.

Parental Controls Setup Summary

  • Setup child account if none already exist
  • Associate child account with adult account
  • Set up web surfing monitoring
  • Set up adult filtering
  • Block access to known adult-related-content websites
  • Set up any specific blocks or monitoring requested by parent
  • Set up time-allowances if required
  • Demonstrate to parent how to access and alter parental control service

Our Price: £30.00

Why Add Parental Control?

It would be great if the world in which we lived was as nice and care free as the cartoons your children watch, unfortunately where you have a singular access point, like the Internet, the reality is that kids can access exactly the same imagery, content and files as adults can and unlike films or games where there is a very clear age advisory, websites and download sites do not display such advice before entering.

This is why setting up parental controls for your children is a good idea.

Parental controls could be viewed by some as a method of spying on your children… sure, that’s one view.  The real point of parental controls is to keep your kids safe whilst they surf the internet, look up information for their homework or play online games.  You wouldn’t send your child out to a nightclub where they could access alcohol, be subjected to adult humour and clothing trends but by not setting up parental controls on their accounts you may be sending them out into the big wide world without the ability to identify potentially harmful environments, ideas and activities.

Keep your kids safe.  Bring your PC into PC Input and we’ll help you set up good parental controls that allow your kids the freedom to surf the internet and engage in online activities whilst reducing the risk that they will be exposed to inappropriate material.

How to Access our Parental Controls Setup Service

If you live within Wrexham, Chester, Mold, Buckley or the surrounding area and would like us to help you set up parental controls on a device to help keep your children safe in their digital world just pop into our local store in Cefn-Y-Bedd, near Wrexham.

Our staff will look after you through the whole process, from booking in your device, getting the right details to setup the parental controls and then spending time with you showing you how to access and update the parental controls. Our services are fixed price so you’ll know what you’ll be paying right from the outset.

Where is PC Input – The Complete IT Solution Provider?

PC Input are based at the PD Centre, Wrexham Road, Cefn-Y-Bedd, Nr. Wrexham, Flintshire, LL12 9UL

Call us on 0333 600 3330

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