Our Virus removal, Malware removal & PC Infection removal service will remove any malicious programs, spyware, adware or other potentially unwanted program from your laptop, desktop or all-in-one PC.  We believe our virus removal service is possibly the most comprehensive and in-depth service of its type.

If you suspect you have a computer virus, some malware or other computer infection bring it to PC Input, not only do we remove the virus, malware or infections but we repair the damage they do to your PC.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will also advise on ways to avoid future infection and can also advise you on which antivirus solutions are likely to prevent reinfection of your PC.

Virus Removal, Malware Removal, Infection Removal Summary:

  • Rogue programs & suspect Browser add-ins removed
  • Rootkits, Viruses, Malware & Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) removed
  • Browser infections removed
  • Full tune up
  • Testing of system to verify infections are cleared.
  • If system is still compromised: user files removed and scanned independently, OS Re-installed, User Profiles re-created, Files re-inserted. Software that is re-accessible is re-loaded onto the system. Other programs to be re-installed by user.

Our price: £65.00

Why Opt for Virus Removal, Malware Removal or PC Infection Removal?

Everyday people unwittingly download viruses, malware or some other type of infection to their laptops, desktops, all-in-one PCs or other device type.  The truth is, they are everywhere.  Once upon a time they were relatively limited to email type infections but today, they can be accidently picked up from almost anywhere, from your favourite website to downloading some free service, app or program.

Investing in a good quality, professionally recommended antivirus solution is the very best method of staying infection free on your PC or device.  Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge in this area and can advise a range of different solutions from Free antivirus to corporate antivirus solutions.

If you’ve already been infected or suspect that you have a virus, malware or other infection we can help.

How Can I Tell I have a Virus, Malware or PC Infection?

Typically, your computer or device will begin behaving slower than usual, sometimes erratically or you may experience lots of pop-ups whilst browsing the Internet.  You may also find new icons appearing on your desktop to programs that you don’t remember downloading or installing or notifications appearing, again from programs or Apps that you don’t remember installing.  DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THESE ADS, WARNINGS, or PROGRAMS.  Bring your laptop, desktop or All-in-One PC to PC Input and ask us to have a quick look at it.  It’ll cost you nothing except your time to bring it in for a quick inspection.  Our technicians will be able to tell you within a few minutes whether we believe your device is infected with a virus, malware or other infection after which you will be able to decide whether you’d like us to perform our Virus, Malware removal service.  It might be that it’s just running slow and would actually benefit from our PC Tune Up Service instead.

The Dangers of not Treating a PC Virus, Malware or Infection

It sounds horrible and scary, and it is, but in the worst case scenarios you could be left penniless, have your entire photo album and music collection deleted or lose control of your social media, email and other accounts.  Some computer attacks are so sophisticated nowadays that they can steal your bank account details, let you view your account as you believe it should be whilst in the background stealing all your hard earned money and savings.

Don’t let this happen to you.  Bring your device into PC Input for our virus removal, malware removal & Infection removal service and help protect your digital life.

How to Access our Laptop Clean Up Service

If you live within Wrexham, Chester, Mold, Buckley or the surrounding area and would like us to perform a laptop clean up on your laptop, notebook or netbook  just pop into our local store in Cefn-Y-Bedd, near Wrexham.

Our staff will look after you through the whole process, from booking in your device to performing your laptop clean up. Our services are fixed price so you’ll know what you’ll be paying right from the outset.

Where is PC Input – The Complete IT Solution Provider?

PC Input are based at the PD Centre, Wrexham Road, Cefn-Y-Bedd, Nr. Wrexham, Flintshire, LL12 9UL

Call us on 0333 600 3330

We’ve got ample FREE PARKING available and our staff can help carry items to and from your vehicle if needed.