Our laptop clean up service is the ideal maintenance service for your laptop.  We all know that keeping your operating system up to date and performing a laptop tune up helps you keep working but we often forget that the inside of your laptop also needs the occasional clean up.  Dust that gathers on components and especially your fan unit can lead to slow or sluggish performance, laptop overheating and even the occasional operating system shutdown.

Laptop Clean Up Summary

  • Remove laptop keyboard & clean where accessible
  • Remove laptop casing to expose motherboard
  • Remove built up dust from laptop fan unit
  • Remove laptop CPU and re-seat with fresh CPU paste
  • Remove dust from motherboard and internal casing
  • Reassemble laptop and test.

Our Price: £40.00

Why Get a Laptop Clean Up?

Laptops are great; so portable and flexible.  The ideal device for the on-the-go worker or kids wanting to take their tech everywhere they go so they can carry on doing homework or keeping in touch with their mates.  Unfortunately, they are often neglected.  Not because people mean to misuse them, but because users often don’t understand that in order to make a laptop as portable and light as possible there has to be some serious compromises.  These compromises often come in the form of a reduced airflow which, if compromised by the buildup of dust,can lead to a laptop overheating and shutting itself down in order to protect the internal components.

Having a laptop clean up every now and then, like you would service a car, helps to ensure that any buildup of dust, dog or cat hair, bread crumbs (oh yes folks – we’ve seen it all inside these fan units!) or other particles is regularly removed.  It’s a fact that most of us are guilty of eating over our laptops, or putting them directly on our legs or on the bed covers as we chill and surf the internet.  The sad fact is all these activities help reduce the lifespan of our laptops.  Everytime we place our laptop directly on our legs or soft furnishings we often block the fan intake area.  The fan continues to spin but cannot suck any nice cold air in so it can cool down the processor unit (CPU), so internal heat just builds and builds.  Your CPU begins to run slow, the heat gets to other components and sometimes even the solder joints leading to constant shut-downs or at worst, the failure of your laptop.

Nobody wants that to happen to their laptop.  Help prevent this from happening to your laptop by getting a laptop clean up.

How to Access our Laptop Clean Up Service

If you live within Wrexham, Chester, Mold, Buckley or the surrounding area and would like us to perform a laptop clean up on your laptop, notebook or netbook  just pop into our local store in Cefn-Y-Bedd, near Wrexham.

Our staff will look after you through the whole process, from booking in your device to performing your laptop clean up. Our services are fixed price so you’ll know what you’ll be paying right from the outset.

Where is PC Input – The Complete IT Solution Provider?

PC Input are based at the PD Centre, Wrexham Road, Cefn-Y-Bedd, Nr. Wrexham, Flintshire, LL12 9UL

Call us on 0333 600 3330

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