Our laptop screen replacement service is the ideal repair service for your broken laptop screen if you live within the Wrexham, Chester, Mold, Buckley or surrounding area. Sometimes, accidents happen. PC Input can repair your broken laptop screen efficiently and competently. We stock the most common laptop screens in our repair centre so can often fix your broken laptop screen within the same day.

Laptop Screen Replacement Summary

  • Remove laptop screen bezel
    Check for any distortion within the screen frame & bracket
    Disconnect any cables, webcam & built-in sound devices
    Remove damaged laptop screen
    Replace damaged laptop screen with new laptop screen
    Reconnect any cables, webcam & built-in sound devices
    Reassemble laptop screen bezel.
    Test new screen and adjust settings if required

Our Price: £20.00 + Parts

Why You Might Need a Laptop Screen Replacing?

Sometimes laptop screens break. They get sat on by accident, dropped onto floors, have liquid spilled onto them, or just sometimes are shut or opened too quickly. Any of these, as well as other actions can result in you getting a broken laptop screen. Sometimes you’ll know it’s happened, other times you’ll just see some strange ink-like stain on the screen that keeps growing bit by bit. We call this process inking. This is a sure-fire sign that your laptop screen has been damaged by some type of physical accident. Sometimes you can live with it, something happened, you got the inking effect but it stays where it is, it’s relatively small so hey – why bother replacing it? In all honesty, if you can live with it there is no need, but you’ll be amazed at how great your screen looks again if you do replace it!
Other times however, the fracture on the screen is quite severe and prevents you seeing your laptop screen properly. If this is the case, visit the PC Input store in Cefn-Y-Bedd and we’ll get your laptop screen replaced quickly and efficiently, and with laptop screens costing as little as £49.99, plus our laptop screen replacement service of £20, you’ll have a whole new screen, fully fitted with warranty for as little as £69.99.

Another reason for needing to replace your laptop screen is if you have dead pixels. Dead pixels look like tiny bright spots on your screen, discrating and annoying more than anything, but this too is another reason why people choose to replace their laptop screens. You may also experience lines on your screen, yet again another reason to have PC Input replace your laptop screen.

How to Access our Laptop Screen Replacement Service

If you live within Wrexham, Chester, Mold, Buckley or the surrounding area and would like us to perform a laptop clean up on your laptop, notebook or netbook just pop into our local store in Cefn-Y-Bedd, near Wrexham.

Our staff will look after you through the whole process, from booking in your device to performing your laptop screen replacement. Our services are fixed price so you’ll know what you’ll be paying right from the outset.

Where is PC Input – The Complete IT Solution Provider?

PC Input are based at the PD Centre, Wrexham Road, Cefn-Y-Bedd, Nr. Wrexham, Flintshire, LL12 9UL

Call us on 0333 600 3330

We’ve got ample FREE PARKING available and our staff can help carry items to and from your vehicle if needed.