General Terms & Conditions

This document defines the terms and conditions of our working relationship.

All products or services that PC Input may be contracted to produce or provide for the CLIENT, and the usage of such services or products, imply the acceptance and adhesion to the following conditions:



We will assume NO liability for any equipment we work on, we do our best to repair your equipment but if something happens to your equipment during the course of work we are NOT responsible. You have to trust us based on our history of great customer testimonials that we will treat you correctly in the event there is a dispute.

All equipment left in our shop or possession for more than 30 days after you have been notified that work is complete (unless otherwise organised with members of our staff) will be considered abandoned and we will, at our discretion, hold and store the equipment or sell it/otherwise get rid of it. We will not be held liable for any machine that is left over 30 days without communication from you, the client.


1 – Denial of Service

PC Input reserves the right to refuse or cancel the services contracted by the client, with or without notice, if the client, its employees, or affiliates do not pay any due monies by the agreed date, engage in any conduct or activity that is in violation of any terms and conditions stipulated in this or any other contract issued or implied by PC Input, as well as any other violation of UK laws, national and/or international regulations, the client assumes responsibility for any consequences that may arise from the termination of service.  Termination of services either by client or PC Input will result in all outstanding monies due immediately and may be subject to termination fees and/or company and legal costs and Interest.

2 – Client Responsibilities for On-Site Services

Client is responsible for providing a clean and accessible work environment for employees of PC Input. This includes, but is not limited to, storing hazardous materials, leashing pets, providing adequate workspace, and the ability to work in a hostile-free environment.

3 – Service Purposes

Services contracted with PC Input should be used only for lawful purposes. It is strictly forbidden to use any of the services contracted for the violation of any local, national or international law, or could be interpreted as being offensive to any individual or group of people. If such services are undertaken PC Input accepts no resopnsibility.  PC Input cannot be held responsible for monitoring such activity and all blame, intenetional or otherwise lies with our client.

4 – Data Loss

PC Input is not responsible for any lost data, system failures, or upgrades. It is the responsibility of the client to maintain a backup of data and programs used in his/her own computer(s). It is also the client’s responsibility to keep sensitive information safe, this includes but is not limited to emails, passwords, documents.

In addition, should Data Recovery Services be contracted, PC Input will not be responsible for any data loss, given that the equipment and/or data may already be damaged. The client supports the efforts of PC Input in analysing damage, preparing an estimate, and performing the work. It is also the client’s responsibility to understand that such actions may lead to further destruction or damage. The client will agree that PC Input will be exempt from liability and any additional damage that may occur to the client’s equipment or data.

5 – Damage

PC Input is not responsible for any damage that may occur during the repair of your computer during efforts to repair your computer. This falls under physical repair, as well as, software repairs. Parts fail, viruses cause problems, and things just happen.

6 – Payments

All payments are due upon receipt of the invoice for on-site and off-site work performed unless otherwise agreed. All orders for goods, including special orders, custom built PCs and other such ‘before-collection’ activities must be paid for in full at point of ordering.  No order will be placed unless payment has been paid in full.  All unpaid invoices will be assessed a 2% late fee. NET-15 and NET-30 accounts are available with proper application. PC Input reserves the right to suspend services for untimely payments. We do give a 15 day grace period but charges are retroactive and start on the due date of the invoice.

7- Storage Fees and Abandoned Equipment

Clients have 30-days to pick up their equipment at our premises (unless drop-off has been arranged and applicable collection/delivery fees agreed to), or schedule an appointment for delivery, once the work has been completed and the client has been contacted by phone, e-mail, postal mail, or other available means. PC Input is not responsible for unclaimed property and unclaimed equipment may be sold to recoup costs for repairs to said equipment.

It is the clients responsibility to ensure that all contact details that PC Input hold on record are kept up to date.  We will try each contact method several times before deeming contact unsuccessful.  We do not have a duty or responsibility to visit places of residence or work places to check if the client can be contact.


All equipment not picked up within one week after notification of “work complete” will be charged a daily storage fee up to 30 days. The storage fees will be removed after 30 days, as the equipment will be considered forfeited, and we sell/recycle/dispose of it accordingly, and at our discretion.

£1/day for HDDs and smaller items.
£2/day for Laptops and MiniPCs
£2/day for Laptops with full sized cases
£2/day for Desktops and other large items.

8 – Changes of Service

PC Input reserves the right to make changes in characteristics of prices, payment or price plans, services and features offered. Any changes affecting the technical characteristics of the services or items offered will take place directly through contact with the customer. PC Input reserves the right to change the price of services at any time without notice to new clients, and within one business weeks’ notice to existing clients.
Conditions and standards set forth herein may be modified by PC Input, where deemed appropriate.