Happy Birthday Google, 14 Today

Well, like any teenager, Google seems to be coming of age.  From the early days of simple search engine to the global giant it is today, almost every part of what we do on a day to day basis has been impacted by Google.

Celebrate, You’re 14 today!

Their maps tell us where to go, and more importantly what’s around you and what there is to do in the area.  Their search engine made the leap from noun to verb – we no longer just ‘search’ for things, we ‘Google’ them instead….pretty amazing really and although Microsoft have created a word that can do the same with ‘Bing’, let’s face it – it’ll never have the same impact as those first times when people were saying “let’s Google it”.

They revolutionised the concept of add driven placements with Pay per Click, they brought us online services for FREE and in their ever expanding reach have now stepped into the Web Browser, OS, tablet and mobile arena with their Chrome and android offerings.

As a business, we know how important Google is – basically, if you’re not ranking on Google – you just don’t exist to the online market – from merchant center to Google+ they dominate the online landscape.

So….Happy Birthday Google…only time will tell what’s install for our bright eyed teenager who not only believes anything is possible but is more than capable of making anything possible.